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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fliters and Infusers

As I wrote my review of Cotton Candy, I realized that I could actually review filters and infusers. There are a lot of options on how to make your teas and how to infuse your tea into the water. Some are ridiculously expensive and others are not.

At DAVIDsTEA for example, there teapots come with a large infuser that is removable and can be reused for daily use in a mug. They also sell a mesh ball and tea bag filters which have a little DAVIDsTEA tab and can be closed.

I found the mesh ball that they sell to be easy to use but very hard to clean. If you're like me and something always comes up, it's hard to get the tea out of there and rinse it out in an orderly fashion. That leads to the tea sitting in the mesh ball up against the stainless steel for too long and it ends up staining it, usually brown. They suggest cleaning it with baking soda and scrubbing it with a clean toothbrush. I found it easier to just stop using it altogether.

Teavana sells a larger infuser that has a removable top with a chain on it. It is about double the cost of the mesh ball at Davids, but I haven't had too much trouble with it staining. The infuser is easier to use for sure and there is a lot more room for the tea to move around, expand, and let the "juices" out.

My favourite thing to use however, are the filters. Especially when you have in-laws or guests come over and they want to try a tea you have but you don't really want to give the your infuser. They come in packs of 20 and 100 at Davids and 100 at Teavana. The difference is cost. The 20 pack of DAVIDsTEA infusers are the same cost of the Teavana 100 pack. They do the exact same thing, infuse your tea.

DAVIDsTEA filters can be found here and yes they are stylish and cute. They have a drawstring to close and have that little cute tab. Let's be honest here though. For a whole dollar more, and minus the fancy drawstring/tab, I can have 80 more filters. Teavana filters can be found here and they are much larger but have to be folded or hung over your mug so that the tea doesn't come out.

Even though a tea ball or mesh ball (strainer) is more cost effective, meaning you don't have to go and buy more filters constantly, I found that having to clean it out before I could have another tea was super annoying. Especially during the long winter months when I have tea like a kid wants ice cream in the summer. It's easier to just throw the teabag out or infuse it again.

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